Our Expertise

We develop secure, scalable and lean software solutions for small to large financial service firms, everywhere for any device.

Data analytics

Leading Artificial Intelligence Solutions for Big Data Science/ Advanced Analytics


process automation

Custom Process Automation Software for Repetitive Tasks and Other Business Functions


Cloud Development

Cloud Architecture Development with Leading Cloud Providers


Financial markets

Quantitative Trading/ Portfolio Management Systems Conception and Execution

Our Services

Your Impacts

We help our clients to fulfil their processing needs with smart solutions for database management systems, cloud computing power integration and advanced analytics algorithms to receive best results.

  • Reduce and control costs in a more effective way

  • Increase system quality, stability and availability

  • Boost analytical capabilities

  • Ensure regulatory compliance

  • Focus on core business and innovate with value generation

  • Adapt to changes quickly

  • Manage risk

  • Speed up time to market

  • Standardize business processes

  • Win customers trust

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Mitigate Risks & Reduce Costs

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Save Time & Reduce Work

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Gain Insights & Increase Efficiency


Financial Service Functions

Whether Front, Middle or Back Office functions, we have the right solution to streamline your operations.

Front Office

  • Marketing/ Asset Gathering

  • Asset/ Portfolio Management

Middle Office

  • Risk Management

  • Compliance

Back Office

  • Back Office Operations

  • HR/ Finance Back Office Support

Financial Markets Expertise

Multiple Asset Classes

  • Equities

  • Fixed income

  • FX

  • Commodities

  • Credit

  • Derivatives

  • Cryptocurrencies

Support Systems

  • Market surveillance

  • Reference data

  • Technical analysis

  • Curve and surface modelling • Regulatory reporting

  • Trader training

The Full Trading Lifecycle

  • Market data

  • Execution front ends

  • Algorithmic trading strategies

  • Order & portfolio management

  • Matching engine

  • Risk management

  • Middle and back office reporting

Business Functions


Finance & Banking

  • Fraud Detection

  • Reporting/ Compliance

  • Lending/ Scoring

  • Automated Advisory

  • Quant Trading Systems

  • Asset Management


Operations & Processes

  • Predictive Maintenance

  • Robotic Process Automation

  • Supply-Chain Optimization

  • Autonomous Security Systems

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IT-Analytics & Data

  • Data Visualization

  • Real-Time Analytics

  • Text & Conversational Analytics

  • Artificial Intelligence (ML, NLP, etc.)


Customer Service

  • Predictive Sales

  • Emotion Recognition

  • Chat Bots

  • Recommender Engines

  • Lead Generation

  • Sentiment Analytics

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